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I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the opportunities to interact with other group members. I valued the diversity of our particular group and see much value in keeping that diversity. I think of Tim as a great teacher and would very much like to see him in the future.

Overaa Construction

I really enjoyed the class and can honestly say it has impacted my life tremendously and has made me keenly aware of my flaws in communicating and listening and has given me the tools to get much better.

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Sukut Construction

Tremendous leadership development opportunity! I am so grateful that Sequoyah and the Lighthouse Institute could partner in this journey. Tim is a fantastic teacher/leader and I learned a great deal about myself both personally and professionally. Onward and upward!

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Sequoyah Electric

Tim Rhoades is a great teacher and instructor. He clearly has a wealth of knowledge about the topic of leadership and a great lesson plan, but he is also very passionate about what he teaches and his passion for the subject is infectious.

GLY Construction

GLY Construction

The Lighthouse Leadership Training program was exhilarating, energizing and motivating. Tim and Jolean Rhoades are quality people who bring you into their life story when illustrating examples of leadership, or areas in need of a change toward leadership.

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Dome Construction

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© 2020 Lighthouse Institute. All rights reserved.