Client Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the opportunities to interact with other group members. I valued the diversity of our particular group and see much value in keeping that diversity. I think of Tim as a great teacher and would very much like to see him in the future. Thank you.
(Leadership Series)
- Overaa Construction, Richmond CA

I enjoyed the Class very much. I feel I am a stronger person and can interact with people in a more open and understanding way now. I felt the Instructor (Tim) was very knowledgeable and presented the course in a non-threatening open forum.
(Leadership Series)
- Overaa Construction, Richmond CA

Powerful Stuff. Tim taught us the tools for leadership and used life experiences to teach us how to use them to better our lives and relationships both personally and professionally. I will be forever grateful for this experience.
(Leadership Series)
- Overaa Construction, Richmond CA

Thank you for a powerful 3 days of learning and enlightenment. Your team did a great job of bringing out the best in our team. I look forward to using the tools you have given us to make take our company to another level.
- Bryon Flintoff, Medosweet Farm

You created a safe environment for getting issues on the table and how to deal with those issues. Nice job in identifying conflict as a 'Gift' and providing a simple model for working through it.
- David Chinchar COO, Medosweet Farms

I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the opportunities to interact with other group members. I valued the diversity of our particular group and see much value in keeping that diversity. I think of Tim as a great teacher and would very much like to see him in the future. Thank you.
(Leadership Series)
- Clinton Tracey, GLY construction

It was very good sessions. To get a group together and understand why we don't get along is great. I can now choose NOT to get upset or angry! This has given me several tools to use in getting along with coworkers, and a good in-depth look at myself. Very worthwhile program for a working organization that really wants to grow.
- Mconkey Company (Human Relation’s Class)

Learned a more positive way to handle not only my relationships at work but at home as well.
- AGC of Washington (Human Relation’s Class)

The session was very impactful and tools to utilize in all areas of my life. I enjoyed the knowledge and then the application to follow to retain the information. Thank you for all you do!
- Sound Options ( MBTI training)

Excellent session. Very well presented and good pace. Enjoyed very much and learned a number of items. In fact, this course has enhanced and brought about new 'trust' aware nesses to me that I found myself implementing within hours of completing the session. ..........Great stuff!
- PCL Construction

Well organized session. Tim asked the hard questions needed. it helps reflect on ourselves and make us better at our job. The information learned will help me manage my teams better.
- PCL Construction

I loved it. I appreciated how much the group cares about people and improving their lives in and outside of work. I believe Lighthouse Institute gets their contribution to society, which drives them daily. They provided us with so many leadership tools and practices which has helped me grow as a leader at work, as a coach, and at home. They provided us many opportunities to learn about ourselves, which opened our eyes to how we can change our ways to create trust and leadership with others. I have experienced many one or two day leadership trainings and this training, from Lighthouse Institute has changed my thinking and behavior with people and groups that I found challenging, prior to the training. It is still challenging, every day, just a lot more rewarding now that I have a lot of tools to address those challenges.
- Ryan Burke, Webcor

I don't have a whole lot to critique I just want to praise what a great course this is, it is great to be apart of fun group in an educational setting and the material and instruction is life changing. The coursework is not overwhelming there isn't an overburdened demand on your time. When you walk away you feel truly sad that it is over but happy you have been apart of this. You form stronger relationships with your co-workers. Walk away with so much knowledge and power. You guys do a great job and keep it up.
- Jorge Martinez, Overaa

I really enjoyed the class and can honestly say it has impacted my life tremendously and has made me keenly aware of my flaws in communicating and listening and has given me the tools to get much better.
- Scott Emery, Sukut Construction

This is a beneficial training that improves both personal and professional development. The training is very valuable, well organized, structured and fun. Our trainer Tim is well versed in his subjects and teaches using real life example that resonates with everyone. I am applying many of the lessons learned, specifically in communication, managing conflict and managing change.
- Homer Khajavi, Overaa

Course and teaching was very eye opening for me as an individual. Showed me some truths about myself as a person, gave me insight and tools to correct and or change these traits both at home and on the job. class environment very relaxed and open allowing you to open up with any, subject and or topic to be discussed in an open forum. Thank you for sharing personnel experience to make this a real in life scenario.
- Ed Luis , Overaa

Tremendous leadership development opportunity! I am so grateful that Sequoyah and the Lighthouse Institute could partner in this journey. Tim is a fantastic teacher/leader and I learned a great deal about myself both personally and professionally. Onward and upward! - Doug Armentrout, Sequoyah Electric

Thank you for crafting an experience that helped me to become a better person. Your program illuminated the connection between my core values and how I work on and lead teams. Meeting you, and listening to your stories about your own personal journey were also a highlight of the experience. You are in the right place, doing the right thing, and it is evident. Thank you again for the work you did with our group. It was transformational to be sure.
- Dave Faro, Washington Restaurant Association

Great experience in the Leadership Development Classes. I really enjoyed the format, structure and information. I found myself learning much more than I anticipated. You are also left at the end with a good road-map for improvement if you are willing to put the time in.
- Tom Williams, Sequoyah Electric

Tim Rhoades is a great teacher and instructor. He clearly has a wealth of knowledge about the topic of leadership and a great lesson plan, but he is also very passionate about what he teaches and his passion for the subject is infectious. Tim has a way of connecting with his audience, encouraging people out of their comfort zones, and really inspiring participation and new learning.
- Ryan Lundberg, GLY Construction

As a young professional in the construction industry, Tim's class will be invaluable in the growth of my career. I'm excited to use the information I've learned from this class and apply it in my future endeavors, both personally and professionally. It's so beneficial to have these tools and skills early on so that I can form good habits and work at the highest level possible.
- Camille Hardin, Overaa Construction

This class re-invigorated my excitement about the professional world, and changed the way I approach every relationship, both personally & professionally. It got me excited about my goals & my future in a way that will push me to improve on things I've all but given up on (for instance I lost 20 pounds, which was a new years resolution I'd had for the previous 4 years and never stuck to it). For the first time in my life I was able to analyze 'soft skills' & learn ways to improve these skills I previously thought were innate, natural abilities. Things like attitude, character, integrity, trust etc were broken down to simple elements and a path is laid out to better understand how all of these characteristics affect relationships, and more importantly how I can recognize my pre-disposition to situations where ,y lack of trust or character are negatively impacting my life. Tim is incredibly wise, patient & fun to be around and his person story of struggle and hard work are an incredible example of what humans are capable of learning. His entire team provides support and insights that make you think hard about what matters in life & how to prioritize the items that matter to you. The tools I have to refer back to and shape to fit my style are invaluable. I couldn't be more stoked about taking this class. Now I just need to quit yapping and get going.
- Chase Corcorran, Webcor Builders

The Lighthouse Leadership Training program was exhilarating, energizing and motivating. Tim and Jolean Rhoades are quality people who bring you into their life story when illustrating examples of leadership, or areas in need of a change toward leadership. Not only was the program wonderful from a technical perspective, it brought our group of participants together like nothing has before. We are stronger individuals both personally and professionally, and Dome is definitely stronger as a company by raising the tide for all boats in port.
- Gary Wells, Dome Construction