Why Lighthouse Institute?

Lighthouse is a premiere Leadership Development Company that gets the right results every time overtime. Our clients are as dedicated to us as we are to them. Ask them why. (come on, I dare ya…)

The Lighthouse Institute Approach

- Industry experience and understanding the needs of the participants

- Proven ability to connect with and go deep with participants

- Outcomes based

- Interactive

- Application oriented

- Experiential, hands-on learning

- Use of Action Plans and accountability

Our educational theory based processes create opportunities for participants to self-discover learning and growth opportunities through simulations and experiential learning elements. Participants are actively engaged in the learning process, leading to long-term learning and personal growth. Effectiveness of the training increases significantly, as team members become engaged in the process.  Read more about our experience.

Our Mission

Lighthouse institute builds PHAROS leaders. PHAROS leaders know their purpose, understand who they are as a leader, and serve those they lead and follow with vision and compassion.  Read more about our core ideology.

The “why” behind LI:

  • We genuinely care about the individuals and teams we work with. We are committed to the success of each and every participant.
  • It matters to us what happens to your organization in the future.
  • Finally, we are people focused, not employee focused. If we can help your employees become better, more efficient, highly effective people, and therefore leaders, they naturally will be better employees. However, it must start at the level of just being a person and being able to see what is true and real about themselves, the organization they work for and the leaders within.
  • We connect with participants below the surface, helping them identify and address root cause.

What are your outcomes?

A cultural transformation:

  • Leadership Mindset at all levels
  • Shared Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals and Attitudes
  • Lasting Change vs. temporary modifications
  • High Performing Teams
  • High Bi-directional Trust
  • Engaged Focus Team Members
  • Person of power versus a victim mentality
  • Servant Attitudes that are real, not manufactured
  • The Pursuit of Greatness