Our Experience

The Lighthouse Institute staff has over 35 years of experience. We listen intently to our clients to ensure expectations are understood, we customize offerings based on client needs, we offer a unique approach to systems and training based on proven strategies, and we are passionate about program and client success.

With over 28 years experience in education, Tim has helped the Lighthouse staff tailor their lessons and activities in ways that best promote learning. While he has had a life-long interest in leadership, Tim's passion was re-kindled after attending a five- day leadership institute. His desire is to help individuals understand their purpose, find their strengths and develop their ability to lead by serving. Through education and leadership training, Tim believes that each person can reach their potential professionally and personally.

Education and leadership have been the continuous thread throughout Tim's career.


Jolean has been with Lighthouse Institute since 2007. Seeing personal and professional growth in the clients that Lighthouse serves fulfills her purpose professionally.

She sees growth consistently happening in the clients that Lighthouse works with which brings great satisfaction to and fulfills the purpose for why she works with Lighthouse.

"I love to see those “Lightbulb” moments happen! Personal and professional growth is a passion for me to see in the people and the organizations we serve."

MelodyeMelodye has been with Lighthouse since 2004 and has benefited greatly from working  with the Lighthouse team.

As an administrative assistant, Melodye has been involved in the background by doing prep work for most of the trainings and is amazed at how much she has learned just through preparing the curriculum we teach, as well as reaping the benefits of being a part of a team where what is taught is also practiced on a daily basis.

For Melodye, being involved with a group of people who care so deeply about making an investment in the lives of others has been a fantastic opportunity. "It’s such a blessing to know that I play a part, however small it may be, in the personal growth of someone else and to know that their life change will also affect the people they interact with regularly."

MelissaMelissa is thankful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization that truly prides itself in investing in others.

"Hearing time and time again how Tim’s training has helped make better people, better companies and better teams is the best part of the job. To get to be a part of that is so rewarding!"


Burr brings to Lighthouse over 18 years of business leadership experience, having worked in enterprises ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 100 corporations. The constant theme throughout Burr’s life has been his sincere desire to help others recognize the power they have to create the lives they want to lead. As an I.W.A. Certified Coach, Burr has built his reputation by helping individuals and teams find their clarity of purpose, implementing new strategies for increased effectiveness, and providing unique insight to his clients as they pursue self-actualization. Burr is also a Highlands Ability Certified Consultant, which allows him to aid his clients in their search for greater understanding of their natural abilities as they explore ways to more fully utilize them in their everyday lives.